Bani Arbieta Amir, as usually known as Bani, was born on July 24, 1984; by the two people he loves very dearly: his mother Prasetijowati Galih Resi, and father Imran Amir.

Traveling and exploring the different the culinary world within a destination are two of his biggest hobbies. Traveling is a way for him to get to know the cultures and characters of the people on a deeper level; while food...well, let's just say he loves to eat and taste the variety of flavors that each territory has to offer. Bani loves Indonesia to the core; starting from the floras and faunas, the cultures, traditions, customs, and of course, the food.

The first time he entered the world of photography was in college; where he always ended up with a “C” on his final grade. But even so, he was asked to become a TA (Teacher's Assistant) for the three years he was in Trisakti University. He then became more involved and got deeper into photography when one day his late mom introduced him to “Dekranas” - a magazine of which specialty is in the Indonesian Handicrafts.  Unfortunately she passed away not too long afterwards, and so he had turned his focus to finishing college; which he did...but that was not the end.

He later then decided to work for “a+” magazine for his 6 months internship. There, he acquired a great amount of lessons - which enabled him to become better; and so the door of opportunities began to open, and he was led to work for other fashion magazines and several other projects. One of the projects he took part in was the “AlbumSBY” project with Yockie Suryo Prayogo; in which he had the opportunity to take some photographs to be placed inside the album. Over the years he had worked with several Indonesian artists, namely Mario Ginanjar, Ramon Y Tungka, Bara Pattiradjawane, Revalina S Temat, etc; worked as a photographer at “Mens Folio” magazine, took photos for several boutiques' to be placed inside their look books...and of course, pre-wedding pictures.

For Bani personally, photography is a form of art that is created within and by the heart; that is capable of reigniting memories, feelings and emotions that was once experienced in that captured moment when you take a look at it again - even after so many years had lapsed.

Thank you for visiting this blog, hope you will enjoy his arts!

*Biography by Veka Prameshti Arifin
( thank you so much Veka :) )

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